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The SNOW BOOGER REMOVER greatly reduces wet and messy garage floors
that need to be cleaned up. Easy to use without bending or straining your back.
Comes complete with convenient hanging hole at top of handle.
PLUS: no more ruined shoes or boots kicking off ice and snow from under your vehicle!
U.S. Patent #8,533,896  Made in the U.S.A.    
Trademark # 86210754    ©TMG, Inc. 2009

The SBR is shipped in two pieces: one handle and one scraper blade.
Simply remove the two nylock bolts from 48” handle; insert 10” blade into handle slot;
align the two holes; insert and tighten bolts and you’re all set —  Snow Boogers Be Gone!
The scraper blade is made of plastic to help guard against scratching surfaces.
Always scrape — DO NOT CHOP — when using. Be sure to clear removed
snow boogers from path of rear tires before entering garage.

Buy at least one SNOW BOOGER REMOVER for yourself and give one or more as a
unique gift idea that is sure to be welcomed by anyone who parks in a garage!
FOOTNOTE: The SNOW BOOGER REMOVER was invented by an ordinary guy who was born and raised in Minnesota. Jim got tired of cleaning up the mess in his garage during winter from all the melted ice and snow deposits – “snow boogers” – that were stuck under his car. He puttered around his workshop with a number of materials and ways to combine them to make a light- weight, but sturdy tool to remove the snow boogers before entering his garage. Jim perfected the SBR as it is today and applied for a patent. The rest, as they say, is history. Jim now has the SBR patented and he's happy. Anyone who wants to have a cleaner, drier garage floor during winter, will be happy too, when they have this very unique and functional tool. Snow Boogers Be Gone!
         Although the SBR blade is made of a sturdy vinyl material and is 
         securely attached to the handle, it may become dull or damaged 
         over time. To replace a blade, simply remove the two nylock bolts 
         holding in old blade; reposition new blade; replace bolts.

Order the SBR Replacement Blades Two-Pak – sold and mailed separately.
SNOW BOOGER REMOVER Replacement Blades
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